Who Is S²ERC?

S²ERC researchers are faculty and students from CS, EE, Industrial Engineering, Management, Mathematics, and Systems Engineering programs at several different universities, including three primary, NSF funded sites: Ball State University (lead institution), Virginia Tech, and Georgetown University. The S²ERC attracts high-energy, creative researchers who represent the best in their field. Our researchers are national research prize winners, NSF Career Award winners, patent holders, chairpersons and co-chairpersons of major software conferences, and editors of major publications in software engineering. Some of the S²ERC’s most successful projects are in the areas of design metrics, testing, process modeling, security, and maintenance; but the S²ERC consistently draws in viable and respected researchers from around the country and globe to address any SE or security issue that may arise for our affiliates. Our affiliated organizations are diverse; stratified across fields such as national military, defense, and space programs; military contractors; communication, and information industries; equipment manufacture; health insurance; electricity/electronics; software development; and law. The S²ERC continues to serve companies with whom we’ve worked for more than 25 years while we welcome many new organizations into the research center.