Research Projects by Wayne Zage

DateProject TitleUniversity
2019-11Code Duplication ++Ball State
2018-05How Close Is Close Enough?Ball State
2017-11Code DuplicationBall State
2017-05Secure CodingBall State
2016-10Components of a Modern Quality Approach To Software Development Ball State
2015-11MetricsabilityBall State
2014-05Software AnalyticsBall State
2013-11MIDAS – Metrics IDentification of Attack SurfacesBall State
2013-05ARL VIDSBall State
2012-11Evaluating CoNNeCTionsBall State
2012-06Clones: Underlying Patterns throughout the Software Life CycleBall State
2012-05UML MetricsBall State
2011-11Exploring 3-Dimensional Visual Intrusion Detection Systems of Network AlertsBall State
2010-11Intrusion Detection System Visualization of Network AlertsBall State