Research Projects by Lan Lin

DateProject TitleUniversity
2019-06How Far Could Mathematics and Rigor Take Us?BSU
2017-11Quantifying Software Quality through Rigorous Testing and Test Automation: From Theory to PracticeBall State
2017-09Improving Test Adequacy and Software Reliability with Practices of Statistical TestingBall State
2017-06A Simpler and More Direct Derivation of System Reliability Using Markov Chain Usage ModelsBall State
2017-02An Algorithm for Forward Reduction in Sequence-Based Software SpecificationBall State
2015-11Towards Scalable Modeling for Rigorous Software Specification and Testing Ball State
2015-09Quality Assurance through Rigorous Software Specification and Testing: A Case StudyBall State
2015-07An Automated Testing Framework for Statistical Testing of GUI ApplicationsBall State
2014-05Combining Rigorous Specification and Testing Methodologies to Achieve High Quality AssuranceBall State
2007-01Scalable Modeling for Rigorous Software Specification and TestingBall State