Annual Research Accomplishments and Impact

Please include information regarding your research presented during the June 2019 Showcase, November 2019 Showcase, or expected before May 1, 2020. List accomplishments and impact by project title.
For example, did the students working on the project(s) attend a special seminar, class, etc.? What unique skills did your students learn in preparation for or as a result of their work?
Please list individual meetings, seminars, presentations, etc. Note: these could be local, national or international.
Please include all publications, websites, technology, techniques, other products, and/or patents and licenses.
Students, class, other researchers, affiliates, etc.
A new type of training or skill? A new lab? Special server? Communication network? Creation of a test suite? A new benchmark? Establish a new method of sharing?
Are the results being used in-house at the affiliate’s site? Can it be a basis for a new research direction for either you or the affiliate?