Current Projects

Project TitlePrincipal
Automated Red Teaming with Deep Reinforcement Learning (former title: Autonomous cyber defense systems)Alexander IlinAalto
Automated Test Case Generation with Deep LearningShaoen WuIllinois State
Binary Software Security HardeningKevin HamlenUT-Dallas
Co-operative governance approaches for blockchain enabled distributed networks [former title Collaborative Governance Approach for Blockchain Systems (COOL)]Pekka AbrahamssonJyväskylä
Combinatorial Design-based Input Models for Effective Function TestingEric WongUT-Dallas
Crowdsensing Study to Understand Sleep and Smartphone Use (former title: Profiling User Activity for Security with Ethical Oversight)Susanna Pirttikangas

Ella Peltonen
Improving the Generality and Robustness of Automated Software Vulnerability Detection with Deep LearningShaoen WuIllinois State
Interactive Module Dependency Visualization for Go Language ProgramsPaul BuisBall State
Modeling and detecting threats in smart building ecosystems (former title: Augmented Analysis: Achieving Situational Awareness in Cyber-Physical Systems with Data Enrichment)Teemu TokolaOulu
Next generation authentication, authorization and accounting for wireless roaming
(former title: Secroam)
Bilhanan SilverajanTampere
Proof of concept for the application of machine learning to educational dataJoni Kultanen
Pekka Abrahamsson
Security and visualisation of Sigfox sensor network
(former title: IoT Space)
Marko HeleniusTampere
Shared-Memory MiddlewareTodor CooklevPurdue-FW
Software engineering complexity analysis and improvementTom Hill
Lawrence Chung
Visualizing XML Documents in an Object-Oriented Way in fUMLHuseyin ErginBall State