Showcase presentation slides


Presentation Length:

  • New Proposal: 15 minutes
  • Status or Final Report: 10 minutes

Content: Your presentation should provide a concise report on (or proposal for) your research with a clear tie-in to the S2ERC research agenda. Please incorporate the following aspects of your work:

  • Overview of the project
  • Review of related work
  • Comparison between your research and other projects in this area of study
  • Scientific approach
  • Anticipated contributions to the field
  • Plans for technology transfer

Format & Date Due: Prepare your slides in the order you will want them shown during your presentation, and email them as a pdf or PowerPoint file to Slides are due no later than the Friday before the Showcase.

File Use: Your slides will be loaded on a laptop that will be used to run all Showcase presentations. In addition, your file will be uploaded to a Research Materials page on the website, accessible to affiliate members of the center.