Join S2ERC

"Why should I join the S2ERC? How is it worth my company's time and money?"

Good question! The S2ERC offers a host of benefits to its membership, some being...

• Customized research projects tailored to your interests & needs

• Significant returns on research investments

• Exploit innovations that may lead to new products

• Improve software quality and productivity of softwareengineers, designers, and architects

• Access to expertise in new security & software engineering technologies

• Use of unique laboratories and facilities

• Significantly lower overhead rate mandated by the NSF

• Networking opportunities with industry & government leaders

• Access to technical reports, on-site short courses and seminars

• Potential summer interns and future employees

• Visibility into a large range of research that may be of interest to companies now and into the future


"Okay, so how does my company join?"

Joining S2ERC is incredibly simple: it's only a two-step process!

#1: Download the S2ERC Affiliation Agreement here. Sign it and send it in (either mail or email).

#2: Mail a check covering your affiliation costs to S2ERC.


"Wow, that's easy! What do we do after that?"

Now that you're a S2ERC affiliate, you can do the following things:

Attend Semiannual Showcases (typically May & November)

Vote on S2ERC Funding

Connect with S2ERC Researchers & Develop Collaborative Relationships

Receive a 7:1 to 10:1 ROI through Funded Research Projects!


"I'm almost on board, but first, I want to talk to someone about all of this."

Let us come visit your company or organization and we will show you just how much S2ERC can benefit you!

We would love to bring you materials and meet you with to share our experiences. Just contact us and we'll set it up.



Are you a SBIR/STTR Phase 2 Recipient? Click here for special information on joining S2ERC!