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Affiliates: You can create an Industrial Request for Proposal (IRFP) to solicit proposals for a project that will address a specific software engineering or security problem in your organization. After you complete this short online form, we will communicate your request to the S2ERC research community. Responses to your IRFP will be presented at the next Showcase where you can choose the proposal that best addresses your request. By submitting an IRFP, affiliates are able to get exactly what they want out of their participation in the center and are empowered to help shape the content presented at showcases.

Industrial Request for Proposal Form

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Researchers: We ask you to use these templates and guidelines because consistent formatting facilitates affiliate project/proposal review. NOTE: The updated Executive Summary template has been designed specifically by NSF and must be used in order for a project/proposal to be included in the Showcase agenda.

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New Proposal Snapshot
Bio Sketch

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Executive Summary
Showcase Report

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