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Research Projects

Through the Center’s broad faculty expertise, our research topics cover the spectrum of software engineering, cyber security, and where these topics intersect. Over 50 faculty and many graduate and undergraduate students participate in S2ERC research projects which include – but are not limited to – the following: software development (which encompasses all aspects the software development life cycle); business and governmental issues impacting the use and development of reliable, safe, and secure systems; and research on various architectures and platforms such as cloud and mobile to enhance secure communications.

The S2ERC focuses on improving the security and software engineering capabilities of its affiliate members by tailoring research to the business needs of each affiliate. Since 1986, hundreds of software engineering research projects have been conducted in SERC/S2ERC. These collaborations help industrial organizations to meet their goals through applied university-based research.

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  • Analysis of End-to-End Encrypted Data. Virginia Tech. T. Charles Clancy.
  • Assured Asserted Identity in the Next Generation Network. Georgetown. Eric Burger
  • Attack Detection Methods for Threats Coming From IOT. Virginia Tech. Charles Clancy, Ahmed Abdelhadi.
  • Attack Graph Modeling and Generation. Iowa State. Ratnesh Kumar.
  • Common Architecture Weakness Enumerations (CAWE). Rochester Institute of Technology. Mehdi Mirakhorli.
  • Compiler Tools for CPI Protection. Virginia Tech. Tam Chantem, Charles Clancy, Eli Tilevich.
  • Cost-Effective GNU Radio Direction Finding. Virginia Tech. Joseph Ernst.
  • A Cybersecurity Education Game. Ball State. Paul Gestwicki.
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Information Exchange Ecosystem (CyberISE): Taxonomy Project. Georgetown. Eric Burger.
  • Data Mining for Network Performance Assessment. West Florida. Dallas Snider, Norman Wilde, Thomas Reichherzer.
  • Deep Learning for Cognitive RF Systems. Virginia Tech. Tim O'Shea.
  • Deriving Network Traffic Signatures via Large Graph. Virginia Tech. Ahmed Abdelhadi.
  • Direction Finding for Multiple Incoming Signals Using Time Modulated Array. Virginia Tech. Joseph Ernst, Alan O'Donnell.
  • Event-driven Probabilistic Anomaly Detection for UAV Security. Virginia Tech. Daphne Yao.
  • Exploiting Buffer Overruns in Software Defined Radio. Virginia Tech. Michael Fowler.
  • Interactive Module Dependency Visualization for Go Language Programs. Ball State. Paul Buis.
  • Interface between OS/COMET and MATLAB/STK Simulation Platform. Virginia Tech. Jonathan Black.
  • Lateral Malware Propagation. Virginia Tech. Avik Sengupta, Joseph Ernst.
  • Mapping Industrial Control Systems. Virginia Tech. T. Charles Clancy, Kevin Heaslip, Murat Kuzlu.
  • Metrics, Models, and Software Tools for Characterizing, Quantifying, and Diagnosing Network Complexity. Ball State. Xin Sun.
  • Near Real-Time Context for Situational Awareness. Virginia Tech. Justus Graham.
  • PSTN Transition Study. Georgetown. Eric Burger.
  • Quantifying Software Quality through Rigorous Testing and Test Automation: From Theory to Practice. Ball State. Lan Lin.
  • Real-Time Processing of Audio to Improve Comprehension in Networks. Georgetown. Jami Montgomery.
  • Run-Time Compiler Optimization for Rule-Based Learning. Virginia Tech. Alan Michaels, Joseph Ernst.
  • Rural Call Completion. Georgetown. Eric Burger.
  • Secure Coding. Ball State. Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage.
  • Security Analysis of Wireless Connection for Remote Sensors. Virginia Tech. Charles Clancy, Ahmed Abdelhadi.
  • Shared-Memory Middleware. IUPUFW. Todor Cooklev.
  • Static Code Analysis (SCA) Tool Study. IUPUI. James Hill.
  • UAV Physical Security Vulnerabilities Remediation. Virginia Tech. Jonathan Black.
  • Understanding Tech Valley: Policies to Support the Growth of the New York Nanotechnology Complex. Georgetown. Charles Wessner.
  • Unmanned System Cyber Data Links Analysis. Virginia Tech. Jonathan Black, Kevin Sterne, Dylan Thomas.
  • Unmanned System Cyber Security Evaluation in a C4ISR Architecture. Virginia Tech. Jonathan Black, Dylan Thomas.
  • Vendor Truth Serum. Georgetown. Greg Klass, Eric Burger.
  • Virtual Browser. Georgetown. Eric Burger.

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